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Remember when?

Post  Bob Marley on Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:24 am

A few posts from last season...

Due to pipes bursting etc, the home changing room is very damp and with -5 forecast tonight we need as much heat in there tomorrow as possible.
Adi & Darren will be at the club from 8.30. tomorrow if anyone could drop a a heater or two there asap in the morning, the more the merrier

The club is without power at the minute and needs an electrician to take a look..anyone know one?

I think it will be difficult to find a sponsor for the is a matter of survival, so a good idea..but it won't happen

Just a thought, I noticed at the last home game I went to that The Valley hardly has any advertising boards around the ground, it seems even less than the last few years.

The club is far from 'crippled' by its current debt with a sum in the region of £20,000 to £30,000 being needed to secure its short term future but it is certainly a concern for all those involved with the club as without this amount being found the club's long term future looks somewhat uncertain.

In short, the threat to the club is by no means as immediate as we had feared, though as always, it has the potential to be real, and the club calls on its supporters and people for help and/or investment so the historic debt is managed and the club can continue to function effectively.

think mindless gossip is a bit harsh, it appears the source of any imminent doom said these things in panic rather than to be a gossip, I've had my differences in opinion with Dave Ralph, especially over issues at the club in the last two years but he is RUFC through and through. The gossip catches on because people worry mate, the time we stop talking/thinking/worrying about it is the time to pack up and go home.

These are again overdue and the company is threatened with closure, I believe for the third year in succession, now to be clear it's an easy enough problem to solve and I would be amazed if RUFC were to be closed over this, but it's hardly good is it?

Tom Warner is a very good player. Have always been impressed with him as he has the ability and also works hard. I think that is a good signing and will do well. (Leethal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Life ain't so bad...

Bob Marley
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