Saturdays Junior Relaunch Schedule

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Saturdays Junior Relaunch Schedule

Post  Justin.Fowkes on Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:45 am

Redditch United Juniors Launch Day Agenda

Saturday 23rd February 2013

1.15pm all teams to meet at the valley stadium in kit.

1.15pm all managers and coaches to turn up in black trousers, black shirts, black shoes and club tie.

1.30pm photo shoot for club photograph.

1.50pm photo shoot for club managers and coaches.

2.00pm – 2.30pm the under 8’s and under 10’s coaching session on main pitch with Robert Heard & Phil Hinks.

2.50pm Under 8’s and under 10’s to be mascots in full kit. Under 8’s to walk out with home team & under 10’s to walk out with away team (you will need to select players from under 10’s as under 8’s will be definitely doing it and under 10’s borough) so will need to be in tunnel waiting.

Under 11 boys and under 13 girls will create a tunnel of clapping for players to come out to.

2.45pm Redditch United flag to be taken on to pitch with under 12 boys team (Steve Holmes ) in full track suits.

3.00pm under 12 team 8 players ( Pat Geehan) Ball Boys – benches to be put around ground in full track suits

3.45pm half time all teams to be presented on to the pitch where everyone lines up and waves to the main stands.

Order of announcement

Under 8 Boys Martin Bassett
Under 10 Boys Robert Heard
Under 10 Boys Phillip Hinks
Under 11 Boys Simon Rowberry
Under 12 Boys Steve Holmes
Under 12 Boys Patrick Geehan
Under 12 Boys David English
Under 13 Girls Peter Smith
Under 16’s Girls Darren Motherwell
Under 17 Boys Paul Barber
Premier Disability Team Darren Vaness
Championship Disability Team Craig Matthews
Under 18 Boys Mike Thorley
Under 21 Men’s Julian Workman
Reserves Justin Fowkes

Also at the time there will be a penalty shoot out for the lucky two people who win the penalty shoot out raffle which the under 16 girls will be going around selling during the first half.
Once under 12 boys Steve Holmes team is announced can they walk out with the flag and then go to middle of the pitch.
All managers and coaches will be expected to walk on the pitch with their teams so all players need to congregate at the back of the stadium by the goals just before half time.

4.00pm second half starts and under and the ball boys switch with other under 12 boys doing the second half so David & Patrick decide on who does which half.

5.00pm first team match finishes.

5.30pm under 21’s v under 18’s match kicks off. ( Darren Motherwell referee & Sutton - Smith brothers linesman)

7.30pm disco & party for the evening.

Everyone is welcome all night and it would be nice to have a good crowd and we really need people to get behind this event.

And By Far The Most Important. A FIRST TEAM WIN!!!

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