F.A.O. Bob Marley RE: reddit

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F.A.O. Bob Marley RE: reddit

Post  InCanada on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:59 pm

This post is concerning your comment on reddit two months ago:

Do you fancy owning a part of the Reds and be involved with the running and decision making of a UK soccer club?
We can do this with an investment of 10,000 dollars buying a 20% shareholding...interested? If we can raise these funds, each contributor will become a shareholder under the TRUST umbrella...having a voting right at Board level and contribute to the future success of Redditch United.
You know, there is a great team at the club...the coach, Matt Gardiner, is a bright young manager who will definately move on in the professional game (his brother is a top coach with Tottenham Hotspurs)..the Reds weekly playing budget is only 1300 dollars compared to some teams in the league paying 20,000 dollars!! It is amazing we are even competing!! It is like a college football team competing in the NFL!
Guys, let's get to know one another...I can not speak highly enough of Andy (redditchbluenose), Joe (rawlings) and Sam (intothevalley) etc...they are die hard fans of their local soccer team and deserve all the success they get.
If anyone is interested, I will start the fund off with 1000 dollars.

Are you still interested in that plan? There is a discussion going on on reddit about it right now.

Is it possible for you to set-up a system whereby we can donate towards the membership of TRUST? Can you set up a crowdfunding website that links to the TRUST bank account?

Please join our conversation on reddit about this, I am sure that if you set up a "donate" button for TRUST membership then you will see a lot of redditors join in.

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Re: F.A.O. Bob Marley RE: reddit

Post  Bob Marley on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:42 am

Hi incanada...thank you for your post.

I have joined the link on Reddit and started the actions.
Bob Marley
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