Out Of Retirement - New 1st team Website set up and running

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Out Of Retirement - New 1st team Website set up and running

Post  Captain Carlin on Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:43 pm

Having set up and run the club website some seasons when the then website became in-effective, I have decided to revive this 'role' following the removal of the 1st team information from the 'Juniors' site a few months ago and the fact the 'other' website hasn't been updated since Jan this year.

I have paid for this new website and will up date this regularly for this season at least; this has been set up in co-operation with the club and should become incorporated into a new overarching club website I believe is being developed (to generate bookings for the 3g etc).

The address of the new site is ;


Please share the website to your 'social communities' so people become aware of it; if it gets enough 'hits' it may encourage me to continue beyond this season!!!!! if it doesn't get the hits it would lead me to assume that an active site isn't required.

Please remember to tick the box for the weekly news letter that will summarise the events of the week.

Perhaps a little like DEL BOYS previous item, I have no idea how many people look at this forum but his post has 92 views so there seem to be a few!
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