Blagging Rights at the Valley

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Blagging Rights at the Valley

Post  littleworthred on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:55 am

This Saturday (29th)
The day has been re done as a family/supporters fun day and Launch of this seasons Charity Breast Cancer Research. In the morning the under 18's are playing followed by the 1st team v under 21's for the blagging rights of the valley, we have the Cancer research road show down(where you can get help and advice) and the Halloween party in the evening(£2 entry). there will be loads of stuff for the kids and we are asking that you pay what you want to get in to the game with all proceeds going to cancer research. Yes its not a league game but its day's like this that the club really need your support, A good opportunity to meet up and chat about all things Redditch United, ask the chairmen and or staff questions and as some of you guy's have offered meet each other for a pint and a chat.

REDDITCH United owner and vice chairman, Sallie Swan, struck a ‘winning’ pose in front of the goalposts at the Valley ground to urge fans to put the boot into breast cancer.

The club has chosen Cancer Research UK as its charity of the year.

Mrs Swan, aged 51, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and is urging Redditch United’s supporters to show cancer the red card by joining the fight.

Fundraising will kick off with a launch match on Saturday, October 29. Cancer Research UK’s roadshow will be present, with nurses on hand to answer queries and advise on how to spot cancer early.

Half time activities will include ‘beat the goalie’, and a raffle offering fans some unique prizes.

Throughout the year the club will be making donations from advertising space on the pitch boards and event programmes, and will hold ‘pink’ events.

Also planned is a cycle ride to Redditch’s twin town, Auxerre, France, with a possible fundraising match.

Mrs Swan found out she had breast cancer through a mammogram which took place because her husband, co-owner and club chairman Chris Swan, persuaded her to have a routine medical check.

She said: “It took a long time for me to arrange the mammogram because I couldn’t get an appointment with a female GP, but I think the delay may have done me a favour. The cancer was so small I wonder if it would even have been there a few weeks earlier.

“It panicked me when they said they would need to do a biopsy on the lump straightaway, but Chris assured me I’d be ok. At the consultation he held my hand when the consultant told me I had breast cancer. I felt his body slump.

“The worst thing was telling our children and my elderly parents. Three of my children cried but one of my sons didn’t. He told me later he had cried at school because he’d wanted to be brave in front of me. It’s upsetting when your children have to be brave for you,” she said.

She had a lumpectomy, followed by a further operation to remove affected breast tissue then six weeks of radiotherapy.

“I was offered chemotherapy but told I was a ‘borderline case’. In the end I decided not to have it because I felt it would give me a weapon in reserve if the cancer ever returns. That meant I was spared some of the worst side effects like hair loss.

“The second operation knocked me back and I felt tired and a bit sore after the radiotherapy but feel I’ve been very lucky. My cancer was caught early and my treatment and doctors were excellent.”[img][/img]
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Re: Blagging Rights at the Valley

Post  redditch born on Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:21 am

Good on you Sallie x
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