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Post  Mrs Moor on Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:43 pm

RedJeff wrote:

Firstly I'm really happy for the Moors, I have some good friends work there.
Secondly I'm of the opinion that if an honest mistake has been made it's not someone letting us down but rather someone who has made a mistake, I can and do moan at anyone regardless of position as long as i believe there is a need to, On this I don't.
Thirdly I think nearly 5 years of holding the same grudge is remarkable in it's self and also worthy of a trophy Cup
Finally please give Marcus our best wishes scratch

Thanks for the Trophy Jeff, i'll add it to the collection.

I agree anyone can make a mistake but after the first time at this level it's plainly stupidity, a red card means a ban it's basic stuff.

I don't hold a grudge I hope you storm the play offs and win promotion, you have a top manager and people like your good self deserve it.

It would be good to see a Leamington / Redditch final.

Mrs Moor
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