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Predictions league- Rules and scoring methods Empty Predictions league- Rules and scoring methods

Post  fingers on Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:20 am

Right, the other one is 'unstickied', so here goes...

EACH REDS MATCH (All competitions); Predict the scoreline, attendance and Reds goalscorers. EG- 1-0 Reds, Rory May, Att: 1,268.

*There will be a thread stickied for each match and subsequently unstickied (that's twice I've used that made up word now) once the scores are done.

*Only post in the designated thread.

*Don't edit your posts please, if you change your mind whack a new post in the same thread, I'll work backwards on them.

*You must post by the kick off time for the matchday in question.

If you notice any errors in the scoring let me know and I'll amend it but my decision is final becuase I rule the world.


3 points for a correct result (Win, lose, draw)
3 points extra for a correct scoreline

5 points for an exact attendance
3 points if you're over by 10
1 point if your're over by 25

*NO POINTS if your below the actual attendance- a new positive outlook you see Wink

2 points for each correct Reds goalscorer.

We will start for Saturday's (15th January) home match with Gainsborough Trinity.

Good luck!
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