Forget hereford and concentrate on the team

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Forget hereford and concentrate on the team Empty Forget hereford and concentrate on the team

Post  Reds11 on Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:25 pm

Like everyone we have listened to the swans about had discussions about it and what me swans plans where.
I think all this needs to stop now!!!
Has everybody forgot that we have the best young manager around. That we have a really good team that have brought back enjoyment going down the valley.
With a lot of local clubs not doing great in there leagues I'm more worried of Liam deciding to move on.
He's doing a great job and we are now probably the best team at our level and below around. Look at Stourbridge lol
Let's concentrate on helping Liam and the boys as we still have a slight chance of playoffs.
All the frustration around mr swan will have an effect on the club and possibly the team.

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